Have you considered that your Lower School book reports, school newspaper, speech classes, yearbook, film, sports broadcasting and debate team were interrelated? How are you training the next generations of storytellers? Join us for an interactive discussion on the importance and implementation of a strong Communication Arts curriculum PreK through 12th grade!

  • Why we must be intentional about teaching our students effective communication skills beginning in Kindergarten.
  • Lower School faculty and administrators (Lower School will have break out session after opening)
  • Middle School and Upper School faculty and administrators (Middle and Upper School will have a break out session after opening)

Attendees will:

  • Leave with a fresh perspective and passion for intentionally training students to become radical communicators.
  • Acquire an arsenal of creative tools to integrate into their current curriculum for the purpose of teaching communication skills. NO ADDITIONAL CURRICULUM IS REQUIRED!
  • Share specific ways they might support their school’s admission and development office through student-led creative communications events.

Join us to hear our passion for inspiring schools to intentionally train their students to communicate with confidence and enthusiasm. Christian school administrators and teachers all want their students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to reach their fullest academic potential. Why? Because those students are future culture-changers. However, if we graduate students who have a heart for God and are academically prepared to be all they were created to be, but are ill-equipped to speak, write, or to visually inspire truth, then we as Kingdom schools have failed – period.

Consider this your personal invitation to join the discussion and develop your own passion about the potential of fully equipping future culture engagers.


Meg Parker Wilson
Meg Parker Wilson
Meg Parker Wilson serves as the Director of Communication Arts for Prestonwood Christian Academy. She earned her B.A. in Speech Communications & Theatre from Southwest Baptist University. She is member of Chi Sigma Theta and Pi Kappa Delta. For the past seven years she has been the head coach for the Speech and Debate team at Prestonwood Christian Academy and a member of the National Speech and Debate Association both as former competitor and coach. She has a certificate from the Los Angeles Film Studies Center where she interned for 20th Century Fox in their Features Casting Department. She has been teaching script writing, filmmaking, communication and public speaking skills. She has also been a guest lecturer and instructor for the international public speaking program “Think and Speak Up” and Genesis Children’s Theatre for over ten years. She loves to foster effective communication and leadership skills in today’s youth through the study of content, critical thinking, writing, delivery, speaking, evaluation, debate and conflict resolution.
Deni Corbett
Deni Corbett
Deni Corbett has a Bachelor of Science degree in education from Asbury University, an ESD in Reading and Language Instruction from Oakland University, as well as a MA in Instructional Technologies and Media. Currently Deni serves as Senior Director & Consultant for Engaging the Culture Ministries as well as Program Director for Southern Baptist Association of Christian Schools. Following her passion, that all children must be encouraged to create and communicate effective messages in three main areas: print, verbal, & visual; Deni is also the founder of the communications podcast series Chasing Fireflies and FirefliesBlog.com.