Leading Up

Roland Barth boldly states that “a school’s culture has far more influence on the life and learning in the schoolhouse than anything else. That said, the most important and most difficult job of the school leaders is to reshape the prevailing culture of the school. In our conversation, we want to “up the ante” in vision-casting, shaping school culture, setting expectations and encouraging innovation. It’s a big order. In four sessions, we’ll gain insights that help us lead better in the midst of constant change. Come and help us roll the stone of Sisyphus up the hill.

Along the way up the hill, we’ll explore:

  • Why does our vocation all too often resemble the task of Sisyphus?
  • What is “sonar vision” and how does it help us lead biblically?
  • How can we minimize the reality of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics at work in our school?
  • How do we not become a victim of our own success?
  • Taking a new leadership position? Bank five “first things” to do in your critical first 100 days.


Gary Arnold
Gary Arnold
Gary Arnold is the president and head of school at Little Rock Christian Academy in Little Rock, Arkansas. For over thirty years, Dr. Arnold served as the head of school for independent Christian schools in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Before joining the Little Rock Christian Academy leadership team, Gary Arnold served as the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Council for Religious and Independent Schools. Prior to his advocacy work in Wisconsin, Gary directed the Illinois Coalition for Non-Public Schools. Gary Arnold currently serves as Chairman of the Board of the Council for American Private Education (CAPE) and sits on the Executive Committee of the Council for Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA). In addition to school leadership and advocacy, Gary Arnold has served as adjunct professor at Concordia University (IL) and Trinity International University (IL). He graduated from Wheaton College (IL), Wheaton Graduate School (IL) and National-Louis University (IL).