Big Data communication is a relevant and valuable tool for driving personal and organizational  growth. Together, we will uncover ways to make important decisions in a risk-controlled manner as we connect Data to Mission, Purpose, & Engagement. We will take a deep dive into data disaggregation, analysis, and goal setting in the key areas of Admissions/Enrollment, Student Achievement, and Educational Trends.  Our learning journey explores the use of data as a “growth mindset” resource for… 

  • Advancing the school’s mission
  • Engaging students effectively
  • Developing trust with stakeholders
  • Optimizing strategic plans
  • Resourcing teachers & leaders


Edward Bunn
Edward Bunn
For over twenty-five years, Dr. Bunn has served in the field of Education. He holds a Masters in Christian School Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. As a lifelong learner, Dr. Bunn believes strongly in leadership development and teacher quality. He has shared this passion as an Adjunct Professor, School Teacher, Head of School, Consultant/Executive Coach and Pastor. Currently, Dr. Bunn serves school leaders and educators through consultation, support and collaboration as ACSI’s Regional Director (South Central Region).

Dr. Bunn has been married for twenty-seven years and has three children. His wife also invests in students and teachers serving as a teacher and school administrator throughout her career and calling.