Kingdom Education Philosophy

Based on the book Kingdom Education by Dr. Glen Schultz, the Kingdom Education Philosophy equips Christian school leaders with a biblical philosophy of education to implement in their schools.

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Student Leadership

Student Leadership Institute exists to assist young people in the development of their leadership philosophy and skills by exposing them to a biblically-based, multifaceted, year-long program. 

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Apologetics Educational Initiative

The ability to defend Christian beliefs against critics using theology and philosophy is the sign of a mature Christian. Teaching these skills in schools helps set our students up for success in the future. 

Our mission is to increase the total amount of Apologetic classes taught at Christian schools. The ultimate goal is to provide solid evidence and reasons for the truth of Christianity.

This will not only address the trend of students “falling away” from their faith, but will also strengthen the student’s confidence as they navigate through a post-Christian society.

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